Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stash It

I've started up a new blog  check it out.  I am going to try to keep it for tutorials and useful stuff.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Name Game Swap

Here is the mini quilt that I received from Ullhärvan you can visit her blog here

I just adore this mini quilt.  I love all the time and effort that goes into receiving a gift like this.  Thanks so much Ullhärvan  and sorry it took so long to blog about it,  I've been in a blog funk.

Take Toni


I really taken a liking to the Swoon block.  I sure most of you would have seen a lot of them floating about in blog land.  I had been admiring the blocks for a while and couldn't resist any longer.  Here are my first five blocks and what I love about these blocks is how large they are, only 9 blocks makes a 80x80" quilt.

Take Care Toni

Monday, April 16, 2012


I have been extremely absent this year,  I knew it had been a while but I didn't realise I hadn't posted this year at all.  Anyway although I have been absent I haven't been idle.  I will however just start showing you he more interesting things I have been up too.  I'll be posting all week, fingers crossed.
Name Game Swap, this is the mini quilt I did for Sabine in Austria, I still don't know if she ever received it but this is want I sent.  I can't find the photo of the one I received but I'll post about it later.

Take care Toni

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping

I'm not generally a big shopper but I do have binges  every  now and then,  I thought I would share with you some of my after Christmas Shopping Bargains!
First off are some Cookie Cutters Originally $6.99 reduced to $3.50 reduced again to $1 each wow  I am ready for a cookie cutter swap anyone ? lol
Then  some Christmas Ribbon marked down to .68c per roll.
 Then these lovely packets of  tone on tone white fat quarters.  Originally $26.99 per packet then reduce to $9.00 then take off another 30%   makes it $6.30 per packet.  There were 8 fat qaurters in each packet.

Then I got these 9 fat flats for .70c each (marked down from $3.99)
Next up is this cute little Christmas fat quarter pack $27.99 down to $9.70,  isn't that bird just the cutest.

I couldn't resist these 12 days of christmas vintage style fabrics,  all 1/2 metre cuts $2.80 each
Same again with these prints 1/2 metre for $2.80 each
Then I couldn't resist these dots and stripes metre cuts $4.55 each
and just because I can these 3 1/2 metre cuts for $2.80 each 
and not to forget some non Christmas fabric that I love the colour 1 metre cuts of $4.00 each
and just for good measure I got these just before Christmas and really wish I hadn't because I only 30% off the full price lol

All together I have over 20 metres of fabric,   enough to make a project or two.   My shopping spree  is now over and because I have to do some serious saving.

I need to do some serious saving because I have decided to go to the AQC next year in Melbourne and I was hoping to get any tips and advise from anyone that has been before where to stay etc...  I will be travelling by myself so any help will be gratefully accepted.

Talk to you all again next year.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Opening my Santa Sack Presents

This was the first Santa Sack Swap that I joined.  Cheryl gave us the go ahead to open up today,  so I got the kids and away we went.  
 This is the lovely Sack that Michelle made busting full with presents.

 Aren't these scissors so cute,  they will be so handy in my needle book (when I make it)
 These ornaments look so cool on my tree.

 Some yummy fabric

 Some inspirational tools.
 Some delicious drinks and eats.
A very cute musical box with a Christmas Mug as well.
and my favourite babushka manicure set.

Thanks so much Michelle, and also thanks to Cheryl for organising this swap.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SewCalGal's Christmas Quilt Show Entry

I've entered the SewCalGal's Christmas Quilt Show.  Click here to see all the other lovely entries.

Of course I love Christmas and it wouldn't without making something new for the occasion,  well several things actually.  Firstly I have my scrappy wall hanging.  I used all my Christmas scraps from years past and a few from this year and I just kept sewing and sewing until it all came together.
 This table runner below what definitely a scrappy piece as well.  I think I work my best when I am not following a patter.

Merry Christmas everyone.