Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mystery books for Crafters

I have been pursuing these books for a couple of years now and thought I would share a few titles and authors with you.
Wild Goose Chase by Terri Thayer

Oceans Waves by Terri Thayer

These 3 books are about Dewey who inherited a Quilting shop form her Mother. They are light hearted mysterys with only a little blood and very pleasant to read.  I thoroughly recommend for a easy afternoon read.  If anyone is interested I have Ocean Waves if you would like to borrow,  I actually read this first before I read the others, and it didn't bother me reading them out of order.

Take Care

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stitched: The Film

I have just watched this free Film called Stitched which follows 3 art quilters to the Houston Quilt Festival.  I was fantastic film and very inspiring.   Please take time to watch it, and its only available for 3 days,  so don't delay!
Click this link to http://www.thequiltshow.com/os/stitched.php/sponsor/ctpub

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Tauranga Quilt and Patchwork Exhibition

I went to this last year for the first time and was pleasantly suprised,  so I couldn't wait to get down there this year to see what delightful quilts were awaiting me.  These are in no particular order,  just quilt that took my eye for one reason or the other,  enjoy.

Having Fun

Well I decided to focus on some fun projects and to get some more christmas presents ready.

 Firstly I made these for our part in supporting the All Blacks in the Rugby World  Cup,  we change the living room into a mini stadium and make it a fun night for the us and kids.
 Then below is the table runner that I have made for my daughter for Christmas, I am really loving this simple block, its called and Attic Windows, I found it in the Farmers Wife Quilt Book that I have been doing and loved it from the start.  I blogged about it here http://boptoni.blogspot.com/2011/07/farmers-wife-quilt-along-progress.html
 I also decided to make it reversible because my darling daughter may not appreciate the block design so I did a simple stripped design on the reverse,  I'm still completing the binding,  just in case you wondered lol.

 Below are the 2 placemats that I made Mum and Dad (inlaw).

 Above is the first Christmas Table Topper/Runner that I have made commissioned by Mum I have two more to make.

Below is the wall hanging that I have started making from Natalie Ross from the Homespun Magazine.
I just love applique and expect to see a alot more in the future,  just saying!

I have just been to our local Tauranga quilt Exhibition photos coming soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Diamond Runner

I have entered into Quilting galleries Table Runner contest this week,  please feel free to vote for me !http://quiltinggallery.com/2011/09/23/vote-now-table-runners/

Monday, September 5, 2011

Funky Flowers Wall Hanging

I attended a class at my local Bernina store yesterday.  While I got most of the top completed in class,  I still had about a couple hours finishing off today.  I am pleased with this and its going to be a Christmas present for Mum. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

The last month in my sewing studio

Well things have been pretty quite around here as my  nearly 8 year old son has had Glandular Fever and along with that had several other illness from having the GF.  We have been to the doctors 7 times in the last 4 weeks,  2 Hospital trips and thankfully only one visit to the Laboratory.  He has had about 3 weeks off school so my sewing time has been severely compromised.   So on Wednesday I was able to blow the cobwebs off and get organised again.

This is all ready for a class that I am attending on Monday, can't wait for that.
A table runner in progress.

A baby quilt for I not sure yet.  I may try and sell it?  probably no
t though,  I am far too critical of my own work and will most likely to it to one of my family.  My grandson, really doesn't need another quilt and of course he'll have a I Spy one coming to him soon.

Have a great week


I Spy Swap 7

This is the only one that I got 2 of.  Pretty incredile.
I participated in the recent I Spy Swap 7 over at http://obsessivelystitching.blogspot.com/ we had to send 200 4" squares comprising of 20 different designs (10 of each)  and we got back 200 different designs back.   This was a lot of fun and it all ready and cut up.  It really did take quite a few hours cutting time and also hunting out fabrics to send.  This is what I got back.  I think I will make 2 or 3 really nice baby quilts of out of these.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Santa Sack Swaps

These are so much fun.  I love the creative thought process that one must apply when making the sacks and also choosing the presents for someone that you don't know.  Its good to challenge yourself every now and then.  I receive my partner Peta's Santa Sack for me in the post today.

Here is a sneak peek at what I'll be sending Peta this week
Here is a picture of my two Santa Sacks,  the kids a getting awfully curious about these sacks and the presents inside them.  Hopefully they will be able to contain themselves until Christmas lol.