Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Progress

Block 1 Attic Windows Page 128
 Block 88 Star of Hope Page 215
 Block 46 Hill& Valley Page 173
 Block 98 Waterwheel Page 225
 Block 11 Broken Dishes Page 138
 Block 6 Big Dipper Page 133
 Block 50 Honey's Choice Page 177

I love variety in making all these blocks, repetition does not suit me well on the best of occasions.  The only thing that is driving me crazy about this quilt is my own colour choices.  How I love the look of expertly chosen fabric collections and the like.  So I now ask myself WHY did you do scrappy, in one word "Budget" in New Zealand fabric is extremely expensive generally anything from $26 - $33 per metre which is a liitle over 1 yard.  So really I do have to make the most of my scraps and learn to love them along with how I pair them up together.  ho hum

Bye for now Toni

Monday, July 25, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along

 Block 13 Buckwheat pg 140

 All these scraps were all squeezed into a large plastic bin.  I will really need to squeeze them all back in again soon to try and regain some order in my studio.
 Block 4 Basket Weave pg 131
Block 47 Homemaker pg 174
 Block 92 Streak of Lightning pg 219
 Block 32 Farmer's Daughter pg 159

I made a start with my blocks,  I will try and do a couple everyday to catch up.  The book is really beautiful and inspiring.  Most of the blocks seem to be self explanatory in regards to piecing.  Because of my every growing bin of scraps I have no choice but to go that route and after completing 5 blocks,  I am absolutely loving the challenge of matching my scraps.   We'll just have to wait and see the overall effect a bit further down the track.

FYI  I printed out the templates from here and then as I need one, I cut it and completely cover in clear packing tape over cardstock.  If it a square or rectangle block I am just noting the measurements on the template so when I come to use it I will just cut the required size.  Not rocket science just another way to do things.
Bye for now Toni

Thursday, July 21, 2011

School Holidays

In New Zealand our school holidays are late because we are hosting the Rugby world cup in a couple of months and they had to coincide with the next school holidays and then the roads around the cities will be clear  for all the cup traffic. Which is all fine but it means that the term was extra long and the kids have been hanging out badly for a good break.

So this was the first week and not only did I have the kids booked in to Pandamania at the local Baptist church but we were also looking after my friends boy Noah.  We have had such a cool week,  and the kids have been so well behaved I can't quite believe that I have stepped away from the tearing my hair out to walking into what could I call it maybe "brushing knotty hair" lol.    Anyway Noah's Mum generously gave me a $50 voucher for out local Bernina shop.  I couldn't wait to get down there and spend the loot.
I got 2 thread stands,  now I have 4.  Some gorgeous solid Purple and Duck Egg Fabrics and some sheep fabric for the I-spy swap that I just signed up for.  Thanks Tricia I love shopping!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Looking Back Quilt Done and Dusted

I have finally finished the Looking Back quillt I have been doing for my Mum since I first posted about it in October.  I am thrilled to have finished this quilt, not only is it beautiful but its my first needle turned applique piece I have done.
I quilted stipple in the centre and random feathers/paisley around the white and flowers and then circles around the outside border.
Its certainly not perfect but Mum is going to love it.  Thanks to the book  Material Obession by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finishing some unfinished projects

Over the weekend I have had a spurt of enthusiasm and decided to finish some WIP's.  Firstly I am still trying to get used to my new sewing machine,  so I tried out a meander/stiplle on this little number.  I am pleased with the results, my machine went nice and smooth.

So I thought I would finish this other little quilt for my Grandson Leighton,  I am super happy with this as well.

I started working on a quilt for my mum Looking Back in Oct 2010 and I am please to say that I have basted it and have only about 20 mins of quilting left to do on it and then the binding.  Mum will be pleased, she has been a little obsessed with me finishing this,  sometimes you just can't rush these things.  Here is a picture of it before basting.

and lastly because I only have 2 other projects on the go Star Quilt Along over at Piece N  Quilt and the Tokyo Subway Map at Oh Fransson,  I thought I would join up with the Farmers Wife Quilt Along being being hosted by Amanda and Angela .  I have ordered the book from the Book Depository and it should arrive in the next week or so.  I can't wait to get started on this.    
More Pictures tomorrow of my Finished Looking Back Quilt.  Bye for now Toni

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Pinterest

Something else that has gotten my attention in the last month or so is Pinterest,  check out mine and why not create your own,  be warned image hunting is addictive.

It's been a while

since I last posted,  but things have been a little frantic around here lately.  Let me give you the run down.  We have been building a new room to house my "Sewing Studio"  duly named by myself.  I have changed it around 4 times in the last month trying to get the right feel.  This is where it is at the moment lol.

This is my cutting table/cardmaking/printing/anything goes table.  Last Saturday it acted as a afternoon food table for my husbands slot car group.
This is the bookcase that seperates my "Sewing Studio"  from this
My husbands hobbie Slot Car Racing Track.  This takes up more than half of the room,  my "sewing studio"  take up about 1/3rd of the room and the rest is where the kids can sit and watch Tele and play games etc...

Anyway its this parcel that has got me off my backside and made me blog.  Its my Santa Sack swap parcel from my partner of This santa sack is so gorgeous I absolutely love it especially the stitchwork,  which I must say I am taking a fancy to.  I am pretty excited about this swap its such a fun idea.  What we do is month one (july)  we send off a santa sack and 2 presents to go in the santa sack.  Then at the start of each month till December we send 2 more presents a months  making a total of 12 presents ready to open at Christmas time.  This will be the most presents I have ever had since I was a child,  in actual fact I probably never got that many when I was a child lol.  I will blog about what I sent when my partner receives her parcel.
There have been lots of sales around lately and I managed to pick up these 3 books for a grand total of $15,  and I must say I am pretty stoked about that.   I have become very interested in embroidery and stichwork in general lately, I suppose its just part of my creative/creation package that I have come to love.  I have yet to actually read the books but I will get to them soon  because I now have a lot more time on my hands.  
For the last 6 months I have been attending a sewing/pattern making course and it finally finished last week.  I have learnt a tremendous amount of skills from this course and I so keen to start using them.  Here are a few things that I made along the way...

 Moulin Rouge inspired costume
Felt hand completely hand stitched monster skulls
 A weekender bag
and a hoodie.  I did make lots of other things as well but I just can't find the photos at the mo.
And finally my latest little project I started on the weekend,  is to redo these wooden stacker blocks for my grandson Leighton,  mod podge all the way.