Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Kimono Shoes

These are so cute, I love them.  Pattern from

Quilt No. 12 Baby Quilt for Amy

I have a friend that is having a baby girl yah I love baby girls.  Anyway I found an auction for this tin of Moda baby charm fabrics.  Perfect Charm Fabrics $8.50 add about $20.00 worth of fabric and materials, and I have this gorgeous little baby quilt.

I did a simple oval quilt stitch pattern on this,  but I did have some ugliness at the back so I covered it up with a naptime applique it hides most of it and looks very cute as well.

The main pattern for this quilt was inspired by

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm still learning

I just love playing around with anything to do with quilting and applique,  here is a cute little pillow I made for my daughter Ashleigh to go with her crazy quilt that I haven't finished hmm.  Upon finishing this I realised that I had forgottten to sew around a flower centre applique, and some fabric from the side is sticking out.  All this is good news beause I hopefully won't do that again, right, we'll see. Inspired by

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quilt in progress

I have started a Crazy Shortcut Quilt, albeit not so crazy but a more simple design. I have conservately estimated I need around 150 blocks and after 1 week I only have 26 blocksso far. I love this quilt as you go method, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be coming together as fast as normal. Anyhow I am aiming for a faultless finish on this one, fingers crossed.

My Very First Quilt Top

This was the very first quilt top that I made. I didn't have any equipment at all apart from a pair of blunt kitchen scissors and a sewing machine. I went along to my local quilt shop and bought a Bali charm pack with 80 5" squares. I sew them all together with great enthusiam. The next day I went and bought another charm pack and a Bali Pop and continued sewing. I got out my Fiskars paper cutter and starting slicing up the 2.5" strip to make the borders.
After I did all this I then realised it had grown far too big and how the heck was I going to baste and quilt it. So I packed it up and started on my Quilt No. 1 . Now I am willing to tackle it, I have decided to unpick the beast and make better use of all that gorgeous fabric... I think?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quilt No. 10

Quilt No. 10 A cute little table center thingy, runner, whatever.

Quilt No.9

Quilt No.9 A large table runner. I had a great time making this table runner pattern from

Quilt No.8

Quilt No.8 A little baby quilt, my first time playing around with quilting stitch patterns.

Quilt No.6

Quilt No.6 A cute little bag (friendship bag) for Ashleigh's teddy Zebbie. Machine quilted and made of fabric scraps. Pattern from

Quilt No.5

Quilt No.5 A Large table runner for Mum, my first hand quilted attempt, no to bad although I did suffer some severe needle injuries.

Quilt No.7

Quilt No.7 A Bed Cover for Dean. He has a Queen Size bed so the quilt is quite large. It was a real effort to get the quilting done on a standard size machine, and throughout there were lots of moaning and groaning. My fantastic mother-in-law helped me out a lot by buying me a walking foot, which quietened me down a lot. I machine sewed the binding on and the finishing is crap, but oh well onwards and upwards to the next one.