Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tokyo Subway progress

Well I am a little behind and I did manage to get 3 blocks finished today, so now I am only 2 blocks behind.
I have found that my seams are getting larger, so now I am going to have to resew the top 5 blocks.  Which I won't rush and do (although I have redone number 1) right away.  I love working on this quilt,  I am hoping to get blocks 12 & 13 completed tonight, once I've cooked dinner and all the other necessary requirements to complete.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to sew when you felt like, not having to stop and start for the necessities of life, ho hum.

Block 6 & 7 I really like the orange and blue together with the white, a combination I don't think I would have ever liked,

Block 8
Block 9
Block 10
Block 11  This block is pretty damn cute.

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