Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Candle Mat Swap

Made from a selection of Charity for a Cause and Park Avenue by Moda, plus some sparkly fairy frost.  This was my first attempt at feathers,  I wouldn't go as far as saying that they are feathers but another few goes and I'm sure they will get better.

The back

I have to admit that the blue and silver mat above is actually my second attempt at this pattern.  My first one below I was unhappy with my binding and the effect my hand quilting had on it.  I thought I could fix it with washing and ironing it until I pressed so hard and long that I scorched the flippin thing.  I am happier with the second but am still tempted to try a third lol.
You can't see the scorch marks on this photo as this is the pre-scorch version.

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