Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day

May is always a busy month in our household,  we have 2 daughters birthdays, 1 Grandad birthday, 1 Nana birthday and of course mother's day which involves several mother's to take into consideration.  Whilst I celebrate Mother's Day I find it very hard to please everyone including myself.  So this year I have tried to get a little more organised and I actually made my Mother in Law a cute little kitchen wash towel with a teacup applique.  I also did a self covered button and my first ever self taught button hole.   I am pretty happy with the results,  cost was only about $4 NZD and about 2 hours time involved.  I think Mum will be happier with this than another quick thoughtless gift that we normally do!  Have a great day Toni


  1. I'm sure she will just LoVe it Toni. It's lovely!

  2. Toni i love this what a great idea