Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a Disaster

just a quick note to share my absolute horror in what has happened in our City of Tauranga.  These are the beaches that my family and thousands of other swim in.  Lucky I know we are so lucky.

These are photos of my family enjoying the gorgeous views of the beach at Mt Maunganui at a recent family reunion.  The beach coast goes on for miles and miles and if you were to drive it it would take about an hour.
Then came Rena and this is our beach a week after she arrived and landed on a reef some 7 kilometres from where my family stands in these photo's.

Go figure I'm having trouble loading up all the horrific photos of our beach now and the boat that is causing all this.  I hope that our city can turn this disaster around and quickly.
I'll post some better photos when blogger lets me lol.  Toni


  1. Such a shame - I hope the clean up op has been swift and successful.

  2. oh nooo,it was so beautiful